No. 4

Bed for Silent Room


We bless the deep revivals of deep sleeps


Deep Blessed Revivals


The bed base is created with three intertwined wooden steps, designed according to dimension of a standard bed. The bed has two different forms as rectangular and round. It is handcrafted by covering soft textured fabric on sponge. Compositions can be created with its round shaped pillows.



The Bed for Silent Room was exhibited at Tetsiad 2019 upholstery fabrics fair with the concept of Alternative Existences by fashion designer Bahar Korçan.


Bed Base   W 275 cm   D 247 cm   H 60 cm

(Mattress size   G 180 cm   D 200 cm)


Bed Base   W 255 cm   D 247  cm   H 60 cm

(Mattress size   G 160 cm   D 200 cm)


Soft fabric, sponge, wooden frame