Alternative Existences

Tetsiad Upholstery Fabric Fair 2019

 “We are living in such specific times that the feeling of escapism brought by the presence of a multitude of things push us to discover how alone we are. This urge to turn inward gives birth to an impetus to re-define our living spaces with the light of the change taking place in our inner world. New human models are being shaped. New systems of sense and perception are developing. The networks and systems of communication that we use widely are transforming to resonate with our new way of being. While the newly defined human creates and re-creates him/herself from his own dreams, he also helps shape a brand new consumer model who is aware and mindful about how finite Earth’s resources are. The rift between traditional perspectives and the newly constructed concept of human’s point-of view seemingly causes chaos, but the solution resides in maintaining a positive outlook and proliferating this awareness in every breathing moment. At its core, Alternative Existences stands for creating different existence patterns by moving away from confined realities of the world. This perspective enables us to create and think in an environment where walls are elastic and extensible.”

According to the concept of “Alternative Existences” which was defined by Bahar Korçan and the trend forecast team, different rooms were designed for upholstery fabrics to be exhibited in the 600 m2 exhibition area for Tetsiad. Different experiences were presented with alternative usage methods in the rooms for the upholstery fabrics that reflects the concept of rooms.


“Realizing how finite natural resources are and transforming the status quo. Raw and bio-textures. Redefining consumer needs. Making conscious decisions that are mindful about our planet, rather then getting lost in translation in the wake of the advancing technological era. Using technology with newly designed and curated human consciousness that respects the natural collective spirit. Discovering new textures and unorthodox materials. Differently combined textures and materials shining together.”


We designed this room with Lal Korçan. Contour Lines on the surfaces are abstracted with natural references and they are covered with fabrics. Fabrics are used for beach chairs, too. Designer Serhan Gürkan’s vases for plants and up-cycled lighting from Nest are also exhibited in this room.


This room is designed with the approach of  “where craft meets pleasure. A union of craftsmanship and intelligent design. Getting bold with colors. Naive and child-like textures. A freely experimental approach to design. Vibrant and distinct combination of colors.” The room has references from sculptor and painter Alexander Calder. Şenay Ulusoy’s artwork was exhibited in this room.